Find your lost window in Windows

More than once I’ve added a monitor or changed a monitor configuration and lost my applications to the nebulous missing screen area that once was. Almost everybody knows the secret of right clicking your taskbar icon, clicking move, then tapping an arrow key to fasten your missing window to your cursor… it’s the bomb-diggity way.

What happens when you right-click though and the familiar Alt Menu with Minimize, Maximize and Move just doesn’t appear? Some Windows windows are apparently generated without the option to bring up that menu from the taskbar. There is still a way – do your normal left click on the taskbar item for the window you’re missing, then tap Alt+Space. Tada, the familiar Alt Menu just showed up somewhere in your viewable screen area, hopefully.

Now if you have Windows that are programmed without taskbar entries – good luck. I haven’t encountered it yet, when I do I’ll update.

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