Alaska to Minnesota January 2014

The justification was mostly for dad to come down and get his boat. Nice lake boats really don’t exist in Alaska, so dad bought one in Wisconsin to be transported back to the frozen North.

I flew up on Tuesday afternoon January 14. I took care of a little bit of business around town then we left in the morning Thursday January 16. The trailer looked like this:


The drive took us down the Alaska Highway, through Edmonton and then down into the US via North Dakota’s entry on Highway 52. We arrived in Minneapolis at my house in Lino Lakes around 2:30 PM on Sunday the 19th of January. This is how things looked when we arrived:


Nothing really to report about the journey. To prove this I recorded a time lapse of the journey on the GoPro and posted it on YouTube. Enjoy our 3+ day journey compressed into less than 8 minutes of video.

How to turn your GoPro time lapse photos into a video uploadable to YouTube coming in the next post.

As for the return trip, Dad is on his own and en’ route as I type this. This is after day 1:


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