Dell Bluetooth 365 on Windows 10

I’m desperately waiting for my parts from Short Block Technologies so that I can get going on the 750sx project. The good news is their ridiculously slow service/shipping gave me all of last weekend to try to get the Bluetooth working properly on my trusty old Latitude E4200. I was at the verge of just buying a new laptop, but I really, really, really hate spending money on portable computers in 2015. I hated it in 2010, I wish they’d just die already. To make matters worse my mom let me borrow her modern Latitude 7350 – it made me beyond the shadow of a doubt not want to buy anything new.

Thus I spent no doubt a good 4 hours or so troubleshooting/uninstalling/fiddling/thissing/thatting the Bluetooth device and software on my trusty old beast. There are a few forum posts indicating this and that, try Lenovo software, try Broadcom’s update, try old drivers in compatibility mode. It all sucked.

Backing up a step it’s worth outlining the symptoms – after the Win10 upgrade both my Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth mouse and my Microsoft Curve Bluetooth keyboard worked somewhat, but the features weren’t right. I unpaired and discovered no ability to re-pair.

All of my searching led me here – a forum post more about Windows 8, but similar problem. The solution is to use some older Lenovo software.

No compatibility, no BS, it just worked. I did have to unpair then re-pair when finished. Also at the end of the install it did indicate failure, but that is apparently not the case.

Quick link:

Now back to being angry about my missing boat parts.


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