Dirty Thrills | 1995-2015 | RIP

Mud racing became part of my family’s DNA in 1993 courtesy of my brother in law Chad and his silly yellow Ramcharger with “big tires.” Things went into full swing in 1995, I was too young to drive my Dad’s procurement, but not too young to rename it from Tsunami to Dirty Thrills. Thus begins an era of my family participating in and volunteering in Interior Racing Association mud drags.

There were a lot of noteworthy events and also changes in Dirty Thrills 20 years with us starting with the color change of the 15×15 steelies from Caterpillar yellow to glossy black. The truck won more state championships than I can remember, plenty of them ousting myself in Wild Thing.

I’m aware of at least 7 pilots although I’m sure there are some that I’ve forgotten. It was always powered by a cast iron small block Chevy, starting with a 327, eventually becoming a 350 as a matter of circumstance then dialing the 383 with aluminum Eagle heads after Tundra Terror brought forth a challenge to its reign.

In 20 years I don’t recall a single season it missed. I would guess the number of IRA sponsored races that the truck wasn’t a participant in those 20 seasons could be counted on 2 hands, maybe less. There is no questioning that it is the most dedicated and decorated vehicle in IRA history. I only recall seeing the truck *stuck* in the mud 1 time, coincidentally in its final day of racing.

The final trip through the mud happened on the last race, last class, last round of the 2015 season. Max was driving and competing against only Allan in the Tundra Terror that day. Max had a smoking run through the fast pit but a bad exit.

Allan should have lost on the technicality (out of bounds) but actually even lost heads up. Dirty Thrills sealed the deal the same way it always has, consistency 1st, fast 2nd.

Dirty Thrills began an era for my family, and a part of our lifestyle that we’ll never be able to shake. Thanks Dirty Thrills.

If you read this and have any corrections, memories, or comments of your own about Dirty Thrills please drop a line here.

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