CentOS 7, Live Block Migration, getting the right qemu binary built and installed

You were all excited because you read my other post, but you didn’t pay attention to the part about needing a special version of qemu-kvm and were saddened to be hit with this:

error: unsupported configuration: block copy is not supported with this QEMU binary

Don’t fret, I’ll help you get where you want to go. Do everything as root, and don’t do it on a production system … duh

Get your development environment ready:

# yum install -y rpm-build redhat-rpm-config make gcc
# mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{BUILD,RPMS,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS}
# echo '%_topdir %(echo $HOME)/rpmbuild' > ~/.rpmmacros

Get your source rpm and prerequisites – note that while this is current as of this posting, things could change. Up to you to handle keeping yourself current:

# wget http://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/6Server/en/RHEV/SRPMS/qemu-kvm-rhev-1.5.3-60.el7_0.7.src.rpm
# yum install -y zlib-devel SDL-devel texi2html gnutls-devel cyrus-sasl-devel libtool libaio-devel pciutils-devel pulseaudio-libs-devel libiscsi-devel libattr-devel libusbx-devel usbredir-devel texinfo spice-protocol spice-server-devel libseccomp-devel libcurl-devel glusterfs-api-devel glusterfs-devel systemtap systemtap-sdt-devel nss-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libuuid-devel bluez-libs-devel brlapi-devel check-devel libcap-devel pixman-devel librdmacm-devel iasl ncurses-devel

Build your binary:

# rpmbuild --rebuild qemu-kvm-rhev-1.5.3-60.el7_0.7.src.rpm

Install your binary and its dependencies. Enjoy blockcopy funcitonality:

# yum install -y rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/*

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